Can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long. But the good news is I’m busy with a new project.


I am curating my first show. I will post a whole blog post about it, but for now, I’m still looking for artists. Do you know any? Share this link.

The details: Show title is “Entrance”. It’s about thresholds a woman passes through from childhood to old-lady-hood…you know, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, all that good stuff. All work needs to be submitted ASAP–my advertisements say May 31st, but I’ll take stuff through June 8, since the opening got pushed back a bit.

If you know of someone whose work you think might be great in the show, email them, email me, post a comment, whatever. I have room for 2 more pieces, so get on it! 50% of proceeds from the show will go to charity, the other 50% will go to the artists. It’s going up in Patriot’s Plaza, near the new office of the Hackettstown Midwives. I’ll post more later…