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I have two pieces (almost) ready for the show that is now 4 days away.  I’m trying to bust out one more piece, but it’s not coming the way I’d hoped.

Then I stumbled upon this article this morning, and I found it uplifting for me or anyone else out there struggling with art making…here are some steps to be more artistically productive:

First, go where the Spirit directs. Be still and listen. Your Heavenly Father will guide you as you draw near to Him. Immerse yourself in the holy word of the prophets, both ancient and modern, and the Spirit will speak to you. Be patient, ask in faith, and you will receive guidance in your creative efforts.


Second, don’t be paralyzed from fear of making mistakes. Thrust your hands into the clay of your lives and begin. I love how Rebekah of old responded to Abraham’s servant who came in search of a wife for Isaac. Her answer was simple and direct, “I will go,” 3 she said.


Rebekah could have refused. She could have told the servant to wait until she had the proper send-off, a new wardrobe, until she lost a few pounds, or until the weather was more promising. She could have said, “What’s wrong with Isaac that he can’t find a wife in all of Canaan?” But she didn’t. She acted, and so should we.


The time for procrastination is over. Begin! Don’t be afraid. Do the best you can. Of course you will make mistakes. Everyone does. Learn from them and move forward.


Third, support others along the way. Every person on this earth is unique. We all have varied interests, abilities, and skills. We are each at different levels physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


Finally, rejoice. Creation isn’t drudgery. Creation flows from love. When we do what we love, we rejoice along the way. ” –Mary Ellen Smoot




My first show here in New Jersey is really coming together.  My house is a tornado of creative energy–paper laying out on the floor ready to become sculpture, clay objects drying on the dining room hutch, the making of another piece sprawling comfortably across the top of the entry way table.  Somehow I’ve managed to involve every piece of furniture in our house into supporting my creative acts. 

My car is full of tacks, tape, and fliers.  My email inbox is full of messages back and forth from artists participating in the show with me.  The door step is home to works sent to me from all over the country.  My telephone has the local newspaper on speed dial, and even my kitchen table bears more artwork than food this week. 

I am working on a show.

I love it; when I was younger, I used to love the way the art work takes over.  Now, as an artist mom/wife/neighbor, I love that the artwork only takes over when I want it to.  Yes, that’s right, I loaded the dishwasher this morning.  I cooked dinner last night.  Finally–being passionate without being obsequious.  It feels so good–the final push before the opening night, the last details to take care of, the goal just a week away.

This is the same feeling I used to have when I would join my friends and go sail boat racing.  It’s like the last moments before rounding a mark and throwing up the spinnaker. There is shouting and commotion (well, at least on our boat), lines seem to be everywhere, everyone hops into action, and focusing on anything but your own specific job is impossible.  Then, out of the jumble of activity and movement and mess, up rushes the giant spinnaker, and with one giant, satisfying ‘puff!’ the sail catches the wind, fills to capacity, and the boat surges forward in a quiet rush of wind.  Everyone leans back, looks up, and even if they don’t say it audibly, there is a feeling of ‘ahhh!’ as the race continues.

Yup, that’s what it feels like the week before a show.  Can’t wait for Wednesday to stare up at the sails and have my ‘ahhh’ moment.





June 5, 2012

CONTACT: Katie Jahner, 908-887-0768,



‘Pop-Up’ Art Gallery Focused on Birth Makes an Entrance June 13

Media Tour Available June 12, 6 p.m.


HACKETTSTOWN, NJ–Hackettstown’s first “pop-up” art gallery will be popping into reality on June 13  from 4 to 8 p.m. in Patriot Health Care Plaza,  Suite 300 on Route 46 in Hackettstown.


A pop-up gallery operates along the same lines as pop-up restaurants and pop-up stores, an edgy, avant-garde concept in the art scene.  The gallery will show up seemingly overnight, display an art show for a short period of time, and then disappear as quickly as it came without much warning.


The art show, titled “Entrance”, features artwork about birth and motherhood. The opening reception for the show will be held in conjunction with the grand opening of the new Hackettstown Midwife offices also in Patriot Health Care Plaza on Wednesday, June 13th from 4pm to 8pm. 


The show features works from six artists, including Hackettstown locals Jahner and art teacher Dorothy Wasserman.   The other four artists, Laura Reynolds, Elizabeth Simmons Allen, Rebecca Coleman and Aundrea Frahm, are sending their works from studios around the country. Works range from photo collage to painting to sculpture. 


“This show isn’t just for moms.  Any “Entrance” art show viewer will find appeal as each piece makes a very real connection to an experience that each of us, as humans, has experienced,” said Jahner.


Teaming up with the artists are the Hackettstown Midwives. When Jahner approached the Hackettstown Midwives about her idea, they were happy to help out. “It made perfect sense to pair up with them,” said Jahner. 


Art work is available for purchase.  Half the proceeds from any artwork sales will go to the March of Dimes.  Without having to pay the usual 50% of an artwork’s price to a formal gallery, the artists involved in the show decided it would fit with their theme to donate the gallery cut for a cause they all cared about.


The art show will also be available to the public Monday and Wednesday from 9am-8pm, and Tuesdays from 9am-5pm starting the week of June 18th.  How long will the artwork be on display? That’s the fun of a pop-up gallery—you never know how long the work will be there, so pop in right away.



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