Sometimes I feel like I’m dangling on the side of a mountain while trying to keep a grip on my baby, husband, life, church responsibilities, art, house cleaning, dinner making, budgeting, etc.  I’m scared when I look down and worry that if I let go of anything, it’s going to bounce and slide down the mountain into oblivion where I’ll never see it again (then again, maybe I do want to see my laundry fall off a cliff….)

So what do I do when I have those days?  I procrastinate whatever I should be doing, and I watch documentaries about Mt. Everest instead.  Small stuff seems small when you’re climbing a mountain.

I wrote down a quote I heard while watching “Everest: Beyond the Limits” (yeah, pretty much obsessed with that show…well, I love it until I’m so disturbed by people having to loose fingers and toes to frost bite that I stop watching it, and then a few months later end up addicted all over again….).  Anyway, Scott Parazinski, a climber who was also an astronaut, commented on how difficult it was to climb the mountain.  “The secret,” he said, “is don’t look past your feet.”

I think that’s my new mantra. I won’t be overwhelmed by the balance of laundry/life/love/and creation.  I’m just going to focus on what I’m doing today, and the rest will take care of itself.  Good advice from a mountain climber, and didn’t Jesus say something like that, too? “Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof” or something like that?