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Do you ever have those days where you think, “Dude, if I could just have 15 minutes to _______?” I definitely do. Most days, I just want the 15 minutes to make art.

This post is devoted to ways to find 15 minutes. Please, PLEASE, if you have any more ideas as to how to find 15 minutes, post a comment and share with the rest of us ways we can find more time in our day. Sorry boys, some of these are geared towards the ladies. Here we go:

1) Skip putting on make up
2) Wear your hair in a pony tail
3) Make a quick meal for dinner (or eat left overs…or order in…)
4) If you have a small child, give them a large pot to play with (or some other kitchen utensil…I can usually get 5-10 uninterrupted minutes if I give baby girl a spatula)
5) Facebook Fasting–skip checking Facebook for a day or two.
6) Put dishes directly into the dishwasher all day long, and by the end of the day, you’ll have 15 minutes free since you’re not loading the dishwasher
7) Turn off your cell phone for a few hours (you’re sure to save yourself 15 minutes in there somewhere by not answering a call)

Uh, that’s all I can think of.  That list was a little lame. I need more help brainstorming.

Thank you Google, for helping this post.  Here are a few more links if you are interested in finding more time. They’re all about finding 15 minutes for exercise, but whatever. I’d just my 15 for art. Or sleep. Ha, I guess you know where exercise ranks on my list! (Just kidding…I love a good run or some yoga, but right now, I have higher priorities. LIke….art…and….sleep….)

Anyway, here are the links:

15 Ideas for 15 minutes

15 ideas for 15 minutes for men



Sometimes I feel like I’m dangling on the side of a mountain while trying to keep a grip on my baby, husband, life, church responsibilities, art, house cleaning, dinner making, budgeting, etc.  I’m scared when I look down and worry that if I let go of anything, it’s going to bounce and slide down the mountain into oblivion where I’ll never see it again (then again, maybe I do want to see my laundry fall off a cliff….)

So what do I do when I have those days?  I procrastinate whatever I should be doing, and I watch documentaries about Mt. Everest instead.  Small stuff seems small when you’re climbing a mountain.

I wrote down a quote I heard while watching “Everest: Beyond the Limits” (yeah, pretty much obsessed with that show…well, I love it until I’m so disturbed by people having to loose fingers and toes to frost bite that I stop watching it, and then a few months later end up addicted all over again….).  Anyway, Scott Parazinski, a climber who was also an astronaut, commented on how difficult it was to climb the mountain.  “The secret,” he said, “is don’t look past your feet.”

I think that’s my new mantra. I won’t be overwhelmed by the balance of laundry/life/love/and creation.  I’m just going to focus on what I’m doing today, and the rest will take care of itself.  Good advice from a mountain climber, and didn’t Jesus say something like that, too? “Sufficient is the day unto the evil thereof” or something like that?

My laptop is currently perched on the edge of the kitchen table tonight, crowded out by dirty dishes, mail, my sketchbook, our seedlings (we started our veggie garden indoors this year), and a myriad of other things.  There are shoes strewn on the floor, baby D’s toys occupying the living room floor, and laundry in baskets that needs to be folded.

But you know, it’s funny.  While some days I look around my house at 9pm and think, “dang, today I get a D- in house keeping skills”, tonight I’m not bothered by it a bit.  This week, my messy house just confirms that I am a healthy person.  Why is this?  Because when my house is clean, it means I was actually home to clean it.  And when my house is messy, it means I’m spending my minutes playing on the floor with baby, sneaking off to Kath’s for time in the studio, chatting with my husband, devouring mind-stretching books, and building warm relationships with friends.

And those things mean more to me than a clean house.

I have a quote on my bulletin board above my little home studio.  My mom clipped it out of a magazine and sent it to me a few months ago.  It says simply, “Cleaning the house while your children are growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.”

I love having that quote up in my studio, since I usually have to talk myself out of cleaning something in order to find time for the studio.

Ironically tonight, though, I need to clean my studio to make room to make more art.  Off to the studio, I go!


For my birthday this year, my mom sent me a subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  Each month features (among other things) a calender of Martha’s plans for that month. Let me tell you what Martha Stewart did today.  Today, January 30th, Martha “Begun forcing more paperwhite and hyacinth bulbs for displays”.  How nice.  And me? What was on my calender today?

I cleaned the bathroom.

I love the irony of looking at Martha’s schedule and kind of laughing that she can plan a whole day to “Take Down the Christmas Tree” (January 2nd), or “Bring a bowl of fresh eggs to the office” (January 9th).  Really, Martha?  That’s all you’re doing, all day?

I think she forgot to “clip coupons and go grocery shopping”  this month, cause I didn’t see it in her plans.

Sometimes I wish I could have a team of experts to carry out my creative wishes just like Martha.  She comes up with an idea and poof, they carry it out.  In some ways, I think that is brilliant.  She’s the classy version of Thomas Kinkade (Brandon and have chatted about how it is that Kinkade gets such a bad wrap by the art community, but Martha’s empire seems to slide by under the radar.  I think it’s kinda like how people who hate Walmart shop at Target, when really there isn’t that much difference between the principle of the two stores).  Sometimes I think it would be nice to pass off my ideas to a team of experts and have them build the rough drafts for me.  I would design my own line of bookbinding papers, functional dinner wear, sculptures, textiles, etc, etc….But then again, I’m so in love with the trail and error, the success and failure, the adrenaline that comes from little break throughs and pushing past the limits that I suppose art wouldn’t be any fun if it was delegated to other people.  If art could be totally delegated it would be about managing people instead of making art, and I’d much rather make art than tell other people what to do.

Tomorrow Martha plans to “clean and organize the potting shed”.  I think I will clean and organize my little potting table.  Potting means two different things to us, but this might be the closest my schedule aligns to Martha’s for decades to come.

(And yes, I did make it into the studio tonight.  30 minutes.  There.  I have accounted for my clay time!)

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