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Something amazing happened this summer. In the backwoods of Arkansas, I discovered that I really do like New Jersey. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy over the past year complaining to my family, friends, and even God about how much I was less than thrilled to be living 3000 miles from the west coast….things are expensive here, I wish we lived closer to family, the winters are cold, the summers are hot, the property taxes are too high to even think about buying a house, etc, etc….
But the more and more I focused on the one thing I thought I needed to be happy (living on the west coast), the more miserable I became. And not only did I become increasingly unhappy, but I blinded myself to actively receiving other blessings that Heavenly Father wanted to give me because I was too preoccupied with what was lacking in my life.  I can see now that what the Lord desires to bless me with is much better than anything I could have dreamed of. I was so silly–I thought i needed one specific thing to be happy when in reality, the Lord had already prepared something 100 times better for me…I feel like I was so busy searching for a lost penny that I didn’t take the time to see I had a winning lottery ticket in my hand.
 I learned a good lesson from my dinner plate dahlia this summer.  It was uprooted a few month ago right before blooming. My landlord mistook the floor for a weed and pulled it out of the ground. When I noticed, I was heart broken. I was pessimistic that it would re-root and bloom after spending day in the dumpster, but with the help and faith of a good neighbor, we replanted the sad looking stem. It took a few days, but eventually the flower thrived and produced half a dozen of the biggest dahlia blooms I’ve ever seen in my life.  Bloom where you’re planted, right?
I think I saw NJ much the way that New Yorkers do…as a big, fat weed. I didn’t want to be associated with any part of it. But with the help of the still, sweet Spirit and some patient friends, I finally feel like I’m seeing this ‘weed’ bloom into a splendid array of experiences, opportunities, and friendships.
I guess now I realize that New Jersey is my home. After all, it is the land of my child’s nativity! And sure, it’s home to crazies like Snooki, the highest percentage of Lyme disease carrying ticks, a huge population of bears, and Chris Christie, but it’s also home to Kath and her generous studio, lightening bugs, the best sweet corn I’ve ever had, and scenery that the Hudson River school painters couldn’t pass up the opportunity to paint.  I’m happy here.

I have two pieces (almost) ready for the show that is now 4 days away.  I’m trying to bust out one more piece, but it’s not coming the way I’d hoped.

Then I stumbled upon this article this morning, and I found it uplifting for me or anyone else out there struggling with art making…here are some steps to be more artistically productive:

First, go where the Spirit directs. Be still and listen. Your Heavenly Father will guide you as you draw near to Him. Immerse yourself in the holy word of the prophets, both ancient and modern, and the Spirit will speak to you. Be patient, ask in faith, and you will receive guidance in your creative efforts.


Second, don’t be paralyzed from fear of making mistakes. Thrust your hands into the clay of your lives and begin. I love how Rebekah of old responded to Abraham’s servant who came in search of a wife for Isaac. Her answer was simple and direct, “I will go,” 3 she said.


Rebekah could have refused. She could have told the servant to wait until she had the proper send-off, a new wardrobe, until she lost a few pounds, or until the weather was more promising. She could have said, “What’s wrong with Isaac that he can’t find a wife in all of Canaan?” But she didn’t. She acted, and so should we.


The time for procrastination is over. Begin! Don’t be afraid. Do the best you can. Of course you will make mistakes. Everyone does. Learn from them and move forward.


Third, support others along the way. Every person on this earth is unique. We all have varied interests, abilities, and skills. We are each at different levels physically, spiritually, and emotionally.


Finally, rejoice. Creation isn’t drudgery. Creation flows from love. When we do what we love, we rejoice along the way. ” –Mary Ellen Smoot



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